Thursday, 17 March 2011

Memory, identity and productive nostalgia by Dr. Alison Blunt

Anglo-Indian Home and Identity by Dr. Alison Blunt.

"Home and identity have been important themes in recent work on people of mixed descent and on diaspora (see, for example, Arnott, 1994, Brah, 1996 and Ifekwunigwe, 1999), and have been the central focus of my research on Anglo-Indian women in the fifty years before and after Independence. My research spans the community in India, Britain and Australia, and explores home and identity in relation to imperialism, nationalism, decolonization and multiculturalism on three key scales (Blunt, forthcoming). On a household scale, I investigate social reproduction and material culture and explore the European and Indian influences that have fashioned a distinctively Anglo-Indian domesticity. On a national scale, I study the intersections of home, identity and nationality for Anglo-Indians, and how ideas about Britain as fatherland coexisted with ideas about India as motherland. Finally, I consider transnational geographies of home and identity for Anglo-Indians living both in an imperial diaspora in British India and across a wider diaspora since Independence."

Memory, identity and productive nostalgia:

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