Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Calcutta's Anglo-Indian Poet and Icon

Where would you find the greatest Anglo-Indian poet
today?In the old burying ground of Calcutta, on the
south side of Park Street,amid obelisks,pyramids,pillars
and tombs of various forms, at the western extremity,
"next to the monument of Major Maling on the south,
"lies the mortal remains of one of the highest gifted
and most accomplished,Henry Louis Vivian Derozio,a
poet, philosopher and thinker, who passed away at the
age of 22.Derozio was an Anglo-Indian(referred to as an
Eurasian during his lifetime) poet and teacher who was
born in Calcutta on the 10th of April,1809.

Calcutta's Anglo-Indian Poet and Icon

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